There has been written a lot elsewhere about Ernst Heinkel and his aeroplanes. Two of his characteristics however should be put o record here: First, it was his pressing for the improvement of aerodynamics and secondly, his ability to recognise and encourage young and talented scientists and engineers, pick up new ideas and consequently develop them further. This manifested itself in the development of the Heinkel He 64.

Originally, 7 aircraft have been built which differed to a greater or lesser extend. Internally, they have been designated as He 64 a to d, whereas as well different wing-shapes (He 64 a had the later so characteristic elliptic wing), as different engines (Argus AS 8, Hirth, DeHavilland Gipsy) have been used.

Ernst Heinkel about the He 64

tourist plane contest 1932

Hans Seidemann about He 64

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