the fates of the planes

On the following pages the fates of the respective aircraft are described. The informations are quite sparce, I am however convinced that some more will emerge.

aircraft serial
registration registration
pilot contest
He64a 404 D-2258
He64b 409 D-2260 A9 Seidemann/Witt
He64c 423 D-2303 A6 Massenbach/Scholz
He64c 424 D-2304 C6 Morzik/Dempewolf
He64c 425 D-2301 B1 v. Cramon/Dübwart
He64c 426 D-2302 A8 Stein/Aumann
He64c 427 D-2305 E2 Junck/Beese

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